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Basket Reference

Welcome on Basket Reference!

Passionate about the NBA, I follow every year with attention the different prospects who will be the stars of tomorrow in the big league. Like any fan of the NBA draft, it is always a pleasure to discover all the physical data related to prospects.

Given the difficulty I have had in finding this information freely for some time, I have decided to create Basket Reference in order to offer the most complete database possible of players who will be able to join the NBA in the coming years. The database will also allow you to discover all the physical details of former NBA prospects who have become today's stars or who have gone to Europe to market their talents.

For the moment, the functionalities of Basket Reference are still limited but with time I intend to improve the site. I have already set up a comments section on each lead detection event page and on each player page to allow NBA fans to discuss the qualities and defects of leads.

If you have any ideas for future developments, don't hesitate to let me know by email: Finally, I also plan to add articles featuring NBA prospects or prospects detection event reports from time to time.

Have a good discovery!